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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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Visar Components views society and the environment as important operating strategies while pursuing continuous improvement and expansion. Since its establishment, Visar Components has been altruistic in supporting other companies. These CSR efforts are part of the business goals of Visar Components to support other communities.


Environment Protection

nature conservation

Visar Components pays close attention to environmental issues such as climate change, hazardous material management and greenhouse gases. Constant investments in technology, talents and resources are made in order to reduce environmental impact during business operations.

Some of our strategies in place are as follows:

   Reduction of Hazardous Substances (ROHS) - When sourcing and purchasing for parts, Visar Components ensures that the parts are ROHS compliant.

   Sustainable Packaging - Visar Components believes in the firm need to recycle. Used packaging (cardboard boxes etc) are reused in order to cut down on waste.

   Energy Efficiency - Visar Components is constantly improving on our energy usage, moving to new technologies that reduce the amount of energy used during business operations.

   Traceability - Visar Components is very particular in our sourcing of parts and ensures that products procured can be traced to their origin throughout the supply chain.


On top of these, here are some ways Visar Components does its part for the environment:

1. Reduce usage of everyday disposable products. Employees are encouraged to bring their own cups to the office, even though there are porcelain cups and utensils that they can use from the office.

2. Recycling of resources. Waste is reduced and classified, with appliances and equipment being energy efficient.

3. Hazardous substances. Any materials that can pose a hazard to humans or the environment are to be identified and labelled clearly. This would ensure for safe handling, movement, storage, usage and disposal.


Social Inclusion

team spirit

At Visar Components, employees are a core asset of the company. Visar Components actively embraces diversity, regardless of age group, gender, race and other indicators of diversity. Equal opportunities on skills for the future promotes continuous learning within the team. Employee health, safety and well-being is taken seriously within the company, with the implementation of the Workplace Safety, Health and Security Policy.

Key Performance Indicators for Social Inclusion in 2020:

   0 cases of injuries/fatalities during work.

   0 cases of gender dispute.

   0 reported cases of labor dispute.

   0 cases of human rights violation.


Other ways that Visar Components aims to do our part in social service:

1. Supply job opportunities for Singaporeans/Permanent Residents to serve the nation.

2. Contribute to local society and economic progress.

3. Maintain societal contributions and encourage staff to take part in community-related events and initiatives.


Corporate Governance

At Visar Components, we strive and uphold high standards of integrity and morals, establishing a work environment based on trust. We are committed in regularly educating and training our employees, guiding decision-making and actions taken in the company, upholding ethics and moral code.