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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

We at Visar Components have our own In-House Lab, and strongly emphasize Quality Assurance in our goods and services in order to build trust with our connections. We needed to make sure that we stick to the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements through our standards of procedure, while constantly improving those procedures and ensuring conformity to those requirements.

Hence, we were benchmarked against some of the best standards and now we are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

This reaffirms and adds further credit and recognition to our organization, which allows our business to expand both locally and globally. To effectively drive our organization to our desired direction, we employ a motivated workforce that will embrace the organizational values and work together to achieve the effective application of our processes and pursue continual improvement.

Other business practices include our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), as well as Workplace Safety, Health and Security Policy  


Quality Mission

Our Quality Mission would be to achieve:

1. 100% customer satisfaction.

2. 98% on-time delivery completion.

3. Zero return for goods purchased.

4. Orders confirmation within 48 hours.


Quality Policy

At Visar Components, we are committed to ensuring consistent customer service and quality products. We seek continuous improvement through monitoring and reviewing the set objectives and targets for quality performance. We also aim to be compliant with all applicable legal and other requirements.

View our linecard to find out more about the companies we work with.


Quality Process

Here is our quality process:


[Intern] Product Verification Process Flow

1. We purchase: We purchase from suppliers and wait for the shipment to be delivered, following our SOP.

2. We inspect: Product inspection according to our QMS when stock arrives.

3. We report: Quality Assurance of products during the inspection is reported.

4. We ship: We proceed with the delivery after checking is done.

5. We improve: we constantly fine-tune our processes to do even better.



1. ISO 9001:2015 (No: Q-9862/20)

2. BizSafe Level 3 (No: E36526)


Equipments in our In-House Lab

1. Leica Digital Microscope System (DMS) 1000

Lab Microscope

2. Gen3 New MUST Systems 3 Solderability Test System Equipment


3. Nordson Dage X-Ray Model Explorer One System


4. Memmert Universal Oven UF260

Universal Oven 4

5. Asensetek lighting passport pro